Opportunity is Here!

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I’ve been in involved with marketing and sales for over 35 years and always remembered this tale from one of the many books I had read on the subject.

The tale of 2 shoe sales reps

Sometimes an opportunity is right in front of you. Success can mean the difference between being able to distinguish the difference.

There is a tale about two shoe sales reps who travel to a third world country in search of new business opportunities.
One sales rep calls the manager the moment they land, telling the manager, “I’m coming back home. There’s no hope here. Nobody here is wearing shoes, so there’s no one to sell to.” Feeling depressed, the rep boards the next flight home.

The second sales rep calls the manager and says, “You wouldn’t believe what I found here. There is so much opportunity. No one here is wearing shoes. The market here is HUGE, we can have a monopoly on market share!”

Depending on your perspective, there is opportunity.